Belgium – a cozy corner of Europe

Belgium is a country where you can try as many as 600 varieties of beer and the most delicious chocolate in the world. Those who come here, it is necessary to walk through the capital of this European country - Brussels.


Here a lot of interesting things, but the most famous attraction of the city is the famous fountain "Manneken Pis".
Particularly amusing in the capital of Belgium is in the days when the country is celebrating some national holidays. In this period of the bronze boy begins to pour not water, cider, wine or beer. And this is not the only miracle that is able to create the sculpture. Naked baby loves to reincarnate. 've seen it in the image of Nelson Mandela, Mickey mouse, Mozart, and even Dracula.


The bronze boy has his own Valet, which to Julienne (the so-called the child) put about 10 years ago. It decorates the sculpture in different costumes. Schedule change orders prepared for the year ahead, and each of the disguises is performed under the solemn music of a brass band.

In addition to the open, devoid of any hesitation the boy, in Brussels there is the "Pissing girl", which crowns the end of the Avenue Loyalty.

Beer lovers in Belgium will find Paradise on earth. The most mysterious varieties of beer here is considered to be Lambic. It is produced in only a few Breweries in the country.


Another famous landmark of Brussels – Mini-Europe", or a miniature Park with replicas of the most famous European landmarks. It is located at the foot of the great Atomium – unique installations, which symbolizes the peaceful use of nuclear energy.


Interesting for tourists is also the Belgian city of Antwerp. The building of the local station a few years ago entered the list of most beautiful stations in the world. A short walk from the Jewish quarter. Heidi living in this quarter, strictly follow the rules of the Talmud, therefore, quite exotic looking. They control most of the diamond business of Antwerp, engaged in the cutting of stones and selling them. In the Jewish district there are around 400 jewelry workshops and stores. In grocery stores the area can also buy quite an interesting product, for example, kosher crackers, Israeli wine and matzah.


Very close to the main square and the Cathedral of our lady is restaurant Het Elfde Gebod, which often have tourists and city residents. Translated from the Flemish language, this is known as "the eleventh commandment: enjoy. In the hall of this restaurant is as much as 400 figures of saints, and guests are invited to try 60 varieties of beer. Guests of Antwerp we recommend that you also visit the city's port, a water Museum, the Steen and the Cathedral of our lady, where you can admire paintings of Peter Paul Rubens.


Ostend is a small Belgian town built on the shores of the North sea. Its main attraction think deserted beach, sitting where you can imagine that in 300 km over the sea horizon is hidden foggy London.


Bruges is called the Venice of the North. The canals and the bridges, cobbled streets and the spires of the towers – all this is reminiscent of the scenery for the film. I must say, the movie is really filmed. The final scene of one of them – the film "lay low in Bruges" – was shot in the tower of Belfort located on the Markt square. On top of the tower has an observation deck, which can visit anyone. At her ticket is 8 euros. In Bruges you can also look into the lace Museum, the Salvador Dali Museum or the chocolate Museum.


The Belgian Ghent is called the city of students and festivals. Its streets with ancient buildings, built in the middle Ages, actively cyclists ride. Once in the city you should necessarily visit one of its atmospheric cafes – Dulle Grit", "Crazy Greta", etc.


In addition to the dishes that are served in the Belgian food service establishments, in this country it is necessary to try the following products:

1. Chocolate. Experts recommend to pay attention to the luxury brand, Guylian, Godiva and Leonidas.


2. Waffles. They are cooked amazingly delicious.

3. Cuberdon, or fruit candy. This sweetness will not leave anyone indifferent.

4. Beer. The beer capital of Belgium called Leuven, which houses the factory of the famous beer brand Stella Artois and the Academy of brewing.


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