Cappadocia – the underground Kingdom in Turkey

Cappadocia is an administrative region of Turkey, located in Central Anatolia. Located in the territory of Goreme open air Museum is a very unusual historical place which is famous for its unique natural landscape and numerous underground structures, entire cities, and fortresses carved directly in the rocks at different times.

Cappadocia Turkey

The oldest of them has more than two thousand years. In the era of early Christianity during the Byzantine period there began to appear in cave temples, monasteries, crypts and cells.
Construction continued in the Ottoman period. Lived here in a large number of both monks and ordinary people. Cappadocia is a vast territory, located in several provinces: Kayseri, Nigde, Nevsehir, Aksaray and Kirsehir. The most famous cave cities are Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, discovered by archaeologists more than fifty years ago.



In our time in some underground cities are still inhabited. Let these tenants are not as numerous as in former times, but still they are there. And I must say that their home is well enough equipped and fitted for the normal life of modern man. There is electricity and water and Internet. And window openings installed plastic Windows.

Unique valleys of Cappadocia began to attract the attention of tourists recently, but over the last twenty years they have acquired popularity, no less than the Grand canyon in the United States or the Nazca desert in Peru. Now this place is one of the most beautiful corners of the Earth. And I must say, rightfully. Where else can you see such a twenty meter giants – the intricate shapes in the form of mushrooms, pillars and triangles, which for many thousands of years nature and vadodra weathered from tuff and basalt in a number. Yes so skillfully that it is often hard to believe that this is not the work of human hands. In addition to the huge figures are a lot of very beautiful, colorful ravines and gorges, forming intricate labyrinths. Guests can admire the local wonders from a bird's flight. Painted balloons constantly float in the sky of Cappadocia, the flight is inviting to all comers.

небо Каппадокии

Those who are familiar with the attractions of Turkey, you know what the most amazing place in the country is the Goreme open air Museum and other places of Cappadocia, surprising tourists with its unique beauty of nature.

Goreme valley

Национальный парк Гёреме

Service for tourists in Cappadocia the quality is not worse than at the world famous Antalya and Alanya. No problems with the choice of housing in terms of service and the prices. Have a modest private pensions, and private apartments, and comfortable five-star hotels. You will have the opportunity to opt for a natural cave. And,despite the fact that it is underground, comfort and modern benefits of civilization, you will be provided.

Yunak Evleri hotel

отель в пещере Каппадокии

удобства отеля в пещере

Reserve a spot in the cave right now.

The services of tourist shops, souvenir shops, bus connections to Istanbul and many other cities and regions of the country. Buses run very often. If you want you can arrive in Goreme in the morning, the day to be there, and the evening is to leave.

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