What attracts Vietnam?

Vietnam borders to Cambodia, China and Laos, bordering the South China sea, attracts tourists with its low prices, beautiful place and excellent service. The capital city of Hanoi.

Чем привлекает Вьетнам
Climatic conditions
The country's climate varies from region to region. In the South it's humid and dry, the rainfall for June-August.
To stay fit better to the period from January to March, at this time, the temperature of the water in the sea is +23°C, and the temperature is +28-30°C. In the Central area of Vietnam from February to August of steady weather, air temperature of 25-28°C, rain is extremely rare. In the North the relatively cool winter from November to March, in March, fall frequent small rains, and in summer the temperature rarely drops below +40°C.
For the Russians and Belarusians do not require a visa if the stay in the country will be less than 15 days. Perhaps the only negative of the trip to Vietnam is a long flight: 9.5 hours in the air.

Полет во Вьетнам
Currency and shopping
The monetary unit is the Vietnamese Dong, 1000 Dong approximately equal to 2.9 ruble. Local shopping encouraged a variety of goods and relatively low prices. The country has large shopping centres, but much more interesting to watch things at the local markets, in small shops and stalls. Vietnam is famous for things made of bamboo, boxes of red and black wood, clothes made of cotton and flax. In Saigon you can buy high quality gold jewelry is pearl jewelry, often artificial.

Шопинг во Вьетнаме

Local cuisine
Varied and Vietnamese cuisine for tourists the first time should refrain from delicacies. All the traditional food in the country omnivorous, richly flavored with spices. The basis of Vietnamese cuisine is rice, noodles, spices, seafood and fruits. Most popular drinks include green tea, coffee. The lat made a good red and white wines. Trying local food is better in restaurants, but to eat street food is not recommended.

Вьетнамская кухня

Tours and attractions

Vietnam is ready to please the guests various excursions and adventures. You can visit zoos, to touch crocodiles and to ride on elephants. You can go to enjoy the scenery of Halong Bay, the cliffs in the Bay resemble the shapes of cats, a turtle and a dragon.

Бухта Халонг

In Hanoi is to see lots of Buddhist attractions in Danang are the famous "Marble mountain".

Мраморные горы

In Phan Thiet to examine the statue of the Reclining Buddha.


Also developed and active rest, you can rent a Quad bike and explore the forests of the country, you can explore the underwater world, play tennis, Golf or just relax on the sandy beaches.

Леса Вьетнама

Пляжи во Вьетнаме

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  1. Nguyen Nhu Y says:

    Hi, Den. thanks for your article about Viet Nam. 🙂 you really have a good understanding of VietNam’s geography and climite, maybe better than our, because sometimes we doesn’t know exactly temperature. you was talking about famous places of Viet Nam, but it’ll regret if you dont come to Hoi An- a old city as a typical of traditional urban in South east Asia, and Sapa- a “town in cloud” with veil of mist have created an extreme and romantic environment. and orther beautiful places… your artical is really nice! Welcome to Viet Nam.

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