Attractions Of Bologna

Bologna is a colorful Italian city that fascinates with its ancient and medieval. This is a real student town with a stunning kitchen and beautiful churches. Here are 7 of the main attractions of Bologna:

Attractions Of Bologna
1. Cathedral Of San Pietro. Initially the Cathedral was built in Romano-Gothic style, but in a dozen centuries it was amended by the various architects. So the old look is nothing left. Inside the Cathedral in Baroque style with frescoes and sculptures, notably a fresco by Ludovico caracci "the Annunciation". The bell tower of the Cathedral dont was rebuilt in the 11th century and is immediately noticeable. The bell weighs more than 3 thousand kilograms, and this is the huge bell that you can call polonezkoy method.

Кафедральный сабор в Болоньи
2. Archiginnasio. It is the former building of the University of Bologna, where he studied Copernicus, Petrarch and Dante. Archiginnasio plays a large historical and cultural role in the life of the whole of Europe. Now this building is a library. The school was started in the 16th century, the purpose of the construction was the unification under one roof of various faculties scattered throughout the city. The walls of the patio decorated with as many as 7 thousand coats of arms, but to place your emblem could only be elected.

Архигимназия в Болоньи
3. The falling tower. This is one of the symbols of the city, which, unfortunately, is not as famous as the leaning tower of Pisa. Tower of the Asinelli above Garisenda, but it's not tilted as much as the second. The height of the Asinelli reaches 97 metres and is the tallest leaning tower in the world. Tower of the Garisenda because of its strong deviation posed a threat to bystanders, so the height had to be reduced to 48 meters. Garisenda, mentioned in Comedy of Dante, and from the tower of Asinelli Jovanna Guglielmo throwing objects, studying gravity.

Падающие башни
4. Neptune Square. The Bologna center is decorated with two squares: Piazza Nettuno named after the ruler of the seas, whose statue adorns the fountain in the square, and the Piazza Maggiore is known for its Palazzo Re Enzo. The Palace was built in 1246 and it was imprisoned by the king of Sardinia, he spent 23 years and died. Figure of the bronze Neptune fountain by Giambologna played, this is his early work, it was originally offered it to decorate a fountain in Florence, but this option was rejected.

Площадь Нептуна
5. Of Santo Stefano. This is a complex, which, according to legend, was built on the model of the temple in Jerusalem. Now it is impossible to verify, since the temple was rebuilt many times. Complex "Seven churches" is considered one of the best European replica of Jerusalem. Church of John the Baptist with one nave built in Romanesque style, inside the Church you can see the crucifix of the 14th century and frescoes of the 15th century. Church of the Holy Sepulchre is among the oldest in this complex,it is a source of clean water and a single marble column, symbolizing the pillar on which Jesus was crucified.


6. San Petronio. It is the largest Church in the world, which has enormous spiritual significance. The height of the Basilica is 130 meters high, its construction began in 1390, the architects were challenged to outdo St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. The Pope reacted immediately, using his position and influence, he just corrected the size and scale of the Cathedral under construction. In the 17th century in the walls of the Cathedral sounded the choir, which was so popular at this time. The Cathedral has 22 chapels, among which the most famous is the chapel of St. Abbondio.

Bologna San Petronio

7. The Church Of The Madonna Of San Luca. This is a special place of honor for the believers that beautifies the landscape of the city. The Church stands on top of a hill, accessed by a pilgrimage route, it is decorated with arcades with hundreds of vaults. Arcade is a transition from the Church to the city and shelter during the procession, when the Byzantine icon of the Madonna and child are in the center of the city to the Church of San Pietro.

Madonna di San Luca

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