Lazio: a journey into the heart of Italy

Lazio region of Italy, located in the heart of the country. The fame he brought that here is the most famous city in the world – Rome. However, not only it can be proud of Lazio. In this region there are many other interesting places.

In its long history, Lazio was able to gather a lot of architectural sights. Once this region was home to the Etruscans, the existence of which is reminiscent of the ruins of veio and ancient tombs of Tarquinia and Cerveteri.



No less interesting place to visit is Villa D'este, located in Tivoli. It belongs to the masterpieces of the late Renaissance and is a Grand Palace surrounded by gardens. Both inside and outside, the Villa is decorated with stucco, frescoes, tapestries and antique sculptures. The garden surrounding the Villa, just as beautiful as the Palace itself. Here, among flowers and greenery, alleys, stretches dozens of channels and ponds. In addition, this garden is famous for its incredible fountains, of which there are about 500.




To momentarily go back in time and feel like a resident of the middle Ages, to visit the ancient castle, Fumone. In the walls of the castle is the archaeological Museum, visiting which you can learn the detailed history of the region of Lazio. Here is a big collection of art objects, including famous works by Titian. The castle is observed exclusively medieval atmosphere. The entire staff walks in an old robe, and around candles and torches. Famous for its excellent Pomona and the hanging garden which is the largest in all of Europe.


For those who want to spend their time in Lazio not only interesting but also useful, is to go to the resort of Fiuggi. This place since the Medieval times famous for its healing springs. The water has a special chemical composition that helps to cope with many ailments associated with the kidneys.




It is impossible to visit Tuscany, and to enjoy its cuisine. The main rule of all of the local dishes is simplicity. Special treats here are abbacchio (roast lamb), Saltimbocca (veal with ham and sage) and rice balls with mozzarella. To any main course you'll serve a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs. The finale of every meal in the local restaurants is the cutting of the various varieties of cheese and a Cup of coffee.


Photos of my trip in the heart of Italy.

A trip to Lazio, will allow you to experience a new, unusual for you, the situation in the Central region of Italy. Of travel you'll come back refreshed, full of fresh thoughts and ideas.

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