Features of rest in Thailand

Many of our compatriots have the wrong idea about the holiday in Thailand. It is often associated with spicy entertainment, because this country is a leader in the field of sex tourism. But the Kingdom will conquer not only fans of "strawberries", but those who prefer to enjoy picturesque nature, to explore the attractions and charm of the traditions of other peoples.

Особенности отдыха в Тайланде

The splendor of untouched nature

The Kingdom of Thailand will be amazed by the beauty and diversity of nature even the most experienced travelers. Mysterious mangroves, fabulous waterfalls, bottomless lakes, mysterious mountains, mystical caves, white beaches will remain in memory forever.

Мангровые леса Тайланда

Тайланд водопады

Пещеры и горы

Пляжи в Тайланде
Most of the territory of the Kingdom is a jungle, the flora and fauna which are truly unique: fruit trees and exotic flowers make stunning fragrances, rare animals are closely monitored by travellers. Journey through the jungle of Thailand will be a real adventure for both adults and for children.

экскурсии по джунглям
If for some reason the trip through the jungle you are not satisfied, you can always admire the exotic plants and animals in one of the many Zoological gardens, where tourists grandiose show-program.

Thai entertainment

Of course, the main attraction of Thailand is the beach and sea. But not everyone is like passive form of relaxation. Wishing to raise the level of adrenaline rafting on the river Kwai. And you can choose it as a regular alloy boat, and a more extreme wayon a raft or just in the rescue vest. After spending the night in floating hotel in the jungle, you will get an unforgettable experience.

Сплав по реке Квай

Отель на реке Квай
Pacific and the Indian ocean is a Paradise for diving enthusiasts. The most interesting places for underwater adventure are located near the beautiful island of Phuket. Mystical underwater caves are located near the Krabi province, but can swim only with a special certificate.

Дайвинг Пхукет
Visiting temples, palaces, abandoned monasteries, and outdoor zoos give pleasure to the curious tourists. A special place among the entertainment is shopping in Thailand. The price here is much lower than the European and at desire it is possible to acquire many unusual and useful things.

Храмы Тайланда

Плавучий рынок

Many water parks and amazing aquariums makes Thailand a true Paradise for children.

Тайланд. Отдых с детьми
Danger to tourists

Будьте бдительны
Despite the fact that Thailand is considered one of the safest places to stay in Asia, tourists there can expect a variety of ways. Many petty criminals just waiting for the moment to snatch your wallet, so you need to be alert, especially in crowded places. Should not accept free drinks from a casual acquaintance – alcohol can mix with the narcotic substance and empty your pockets.

The underwater world of Thailand is also fraught with danger – poisonous mollusks, jellyfish and sea urchins can be a lot of trouble and ruin the experience. Therefore, it is necessary to observe all precautionary measures while bathing.

Going into the Jungle, we cannot forget appropriate clothing and shoes that will help you avoid the bites of snakes and insects. In abandoned churches and monasteries tours, home to many monkeys. Despite the funny behavior and cute faces, these animals can be very aggressive.

With extreme caution should be taken to the food. You can drink the water only bottled, and food should be fresh. Before going on holiday to Thailand, you must make appropriate vaccinations and stock up on supplies.

Observing all precautions, you will be able to spend your vacation and fully enjoy the delights of this exotic country.

The price of tickets

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