Greenland – the largest island on the planet

The island of Greenland is the largest island on the planet. Greenland - "Green land", why this island is so called? Because almost the entire island is covered with a layer of ice, in some places it reaches one kilometer. Huge ice desert, the edges of which are in the coastal areas of the island is lush green vegetation. So it is called "Green land".


Who owns the island of Greenland

Unlike Antarctica, the earth which is neutral, Greenland is an Autonomous Danish. Until 1536 the island belonged to Norway. In 1979 the Danish Parliament granted him autonomy. Today, the island with the capital Nuuk is an Autonomous part of Denmark. A good addition to Denmark, the autonomy of half the size of Europe.

The island's population of 58 thousand people. Of which about 90 % live in the South-West coast. Here are the largest city in Greenland: Nuuk is the capital, Qaqortoq, Sisimiut and Maniitsoq. The town of Upernavik, the northernmost town in Greenland, the air temperature here in summer does not exceed 5 degrees.


столица Гренландии

The official language of Greenland is kalaallisut and Danish. The Greenlandic language is a language belonging to the eskimo - Aleut group of languages. Many here speak English.

The interior of Greenland keeps a lot of minerals. Oil, Nickel, gold and so on, but the main minerals of the island is the freshwater stored in the Greenland ice cores.

ледники Гренландии

The nature of Greenland has attracted the attention of thousands of tourists. It is an ideal place for lovers of active and extreme rest. The harsh climate of the Islands requires physically fit people, the snowbirds don't belong here, because the temperature in the Central and North-Eastern falls to 47 – 65 degrees below zero. Very bright can be experience after a day exploring the icy wilderness on a dog sled. Harness, of course the huskies.

Отдых в Гренландии

Very popular place on the island is the Northern part, you can see icebergs of different shapes and sizes.



айсберги гренландии

As the Northern part is famous for the fact that there is a national Park of Greenland, but it is very difficult to get because of the geographical position and because of the ban here. The Park is home to animals such as musk ox, Arctic wolves, polar bears. Very diverse and Arctic plants. Special beauty of Northern Greenland is the Aurora Borealis. This is a unique beautiful natural phenomenon will bring a lot of positive impressions.

Northern lights

Northern lights in Greenland

Kitchen Greenland - very peculiar. For many Europeans it seems even the. Traditional food of the Greenlanders is considered fresh meat of marine mammals, i.e. not even cooked on the fire in the stove or the oven, and literally taken from a whale, walrus or seal. If You suddenly decide to go to Greenland, then you need to be familiar to us products.

Greenland – the largest island on Earth. This amazing and unique place requires special attention from the lovers of pristine nature.

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  5. Тагир says:

    Побывать на острове Гренлания это предел мечтаний наверное. А как иначе, самый большой остров на земле. После прочтения статьи хочется сломя голову купить билетиков и вылететь первым же рейсом на этот чудный уголок Земли.

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