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Holidays in Romania

Romania is associated with the legend of Dracula, brandy and annoying Gypsies. Few consider this country as a place of possible guests. And in vain. In recent years, the country has changed a lot and benefits from all associated with chamee. Dracula became a symbol of the country. Most of the castles and their huge variety, attributed the attitude to Dracula. Supposedly each of them he once lived. Thus, castles shrouded in mystery and mysticism, because most of them are located in the original region of Transylvania. A visit in this area such picturesque medieval towns, like Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu confirms these legends. If you do not go into the historical documents, unwittingly imbued with the atmosphere of the middle ages.

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A visit to the capital of RomaniaBucharest with its historical and cultural attractions - will allow you to feel ourselves to be from different eras, to see the many contrasts that abound in the city.
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