Top 5 attractions of Sharjah

Sharjah is the cultural capital of the Arab. Sharjah has a rich cultural heritage on its territory a lot of museums and monuments of art.

Достопримечательности Шарджи

Here are the five main attractions of Sharjah, which is well worth a visit:

1. Al Kasba. Is a popular entertainment district with many cafes, amusement rides, landscaped pedestrian zone and the cinema. The Kasba is very comfortable and safe to walk in the daytime and at night. There is even a water taxi, and in the evening a special charm of this place give the illuminated fountains. On the Ferris wheel height of 60 meters, it is best to ride at sunset to see the most beautiful scenery. Spinning the wheel pretty fast, and inside the cabins even have air conditioning. Here is the cultural center of all the Emirate — the art center "Maria", where regularproduct exhibitions of contemporary art and also features an entertainment area for the younger guests.


2. Archaeological Museum. This is another informative place that will be of interest to those interested in Arabic culture and history of the Emirate. In the Museum you can learn a lot about the history of the primitive communities. It is interesting that the Museum uses modern technology, in the halls there are computers for visitors, and shows educational films.

Археологический музей в Шардже
3. The Museum of the airport of Al-Mahat. In the 1930-ies in Sharjah with the advent of air navigation and the development of the region has the Museum of Al-Mahat. The small airport was equipped with everything necessary, and in no way inferior to other large airports. Maintenance and service was at a very high level. Today part of the airport is the Museum, which is divided into several sections. In the main exhibit hall, aircraft models and even the fuel tanker. There is also a section of old inventions and the section of sports. The main object of the section of ancient devices is the layout of the old theater.

Музей аэропорта Аль-Махата
4. Fort Of Sharjah, Al Hisn. This stone is strengthening to the center of Sharjah. The Fort was built in 1820 and demolished in 1970, there was one tower. In 1996 was launched the recovery process, with carefully gathered information about how the Fort looked like before. Collecting from the place of destruction ruins, the Fort was rebuilt, and the Windows and doors remained of the original. The Fort has an amazing history, it was the residence of rulers and witness the important public and military events. Today the Fort is a Museum that is open to all visitors.

Форт Шарджи Аль-Хиш
5. Museum of art. The Museum occupies two floors with an area of about 111 thousand square meters and has 68 rooms and a rooftop terrace. The Museum has a permanent exhibition, but also regularly hosts exhibitions of artists. Art Museum of Sharjah is one of the largest galleries in the middle East, and the design of the Museum deserves special attention in itself is considered a work of art.

Художественный музей

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